martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

Time Capsule Project

A time capsule is a way to communicate the present day to the future. It may also be a way to preserve parts of the past - such as when a time capsule is opened and the old contents are "re-capsuled" along with current items. In addition, you can use a time capsule to place your predictions in, or your hopes of a certain project, and later on open the capsule at a time when you can "re-think" or see it with "eyes anew". A time capsule can be as simple as a shoe box full of items reserved(or even forgotten) on a  high closet shelf until a later date.

Time capsule

By adding to the capsule different objects we can create a book of memories. Imagine you are on the 4th Course of ESO and you can see what you liked or disliked on 2nd course; it  would give you a great feeling of personal growth and not doubt a good laugh!

Hello here are some ideas!!!

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